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Weather graphics made simple

AstonWeather is an open, flexible and fully customizable application, developed to provide weather information fast and easily, while matching any design requirements. It can connect to different weather databases, generating movies out of the data retrieved, and apply them to, or integrated with, the available templates, which can also be be geolocalized.

Why AstonWeather

AstonWeather is a comprehensible solution for displaying Weather data using advanced graphics.

AstonWeather can connect to different Weather data sources to retrieve the data and apply them to the required templates.

Once the templates are designed, AstonWeather can be run as an autonomous system, not requiring any input from the design department.

Comprehensible workflow

AstonWeather retrieves and configures weather data from standard databases and allows for the background rendering of movies originated from such data, plus applying the data to different templates that generate isobars, visual maps, wind speeds and many other. Those templates can combine the rendered movies, be played directly to air, or be included in the playlists of NRCS or MAM systems.

Advanced weather graphics

AstonWeather takes advantage of Aston’s unique capabilities for creating data-driven graphics and applies them to the Weather forecast. Using data coming from official weather sources, AstonWeather can apply them to many different templates, from isobars to forecasts, visual maps, wind speeds, temperatures and many other, displaying the result in real-time.

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