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Advedia Vision

Optimizing production costs with InfinitySet Lite

When Advedia Vision, a Christian channel in Germany, decided to use virtual studios to enhance the looks of their programs, they chose InfinitySet Lite to be the centre of their virtual production.

Born in 2013 as a non-profit organization in Germany, Advedia Vision was founded by members of the worldwide Seventh Day Adventist Church. As a Christian mediaministry, Advedia Vision mainly produces uplifting and Bible-based video productions, and in 2014 they started to make live streaming of their programming. Although in a smaller scale, the challenges and quality requirements of small channels are often similarto those of the larger broadcasters, while resources are scarcer, and any possibility of optimizing installations are welcome. And because of the nature of the organization and the kind of programs they produce, cost-effectiveness is a key issue in their daily operations. There is no such thing as a large studio in their facilities, nor a large studio crew. Advedia Vision’s goal was to be able to produce a variety of professionallooking programs using Virtual Set technology and a relatively small production team. Advedia Vision wanted to have a number of realistic-looking Virtual Reality studios to be the environment of their programs using a compact green screen studio instead of different physical sets, so they will be able to change the studio at the click of a mouse, instead of having a number of studios, sets, and environments for different programs. InfinitySet Lite proved to be the best tool for the job. Brainstorm’s costeffective virtual set solution is filled with a high quality virtual studio toolset and sample sets, which can be used for a variety of programs, allowing Advedia Vision to flexibly produce a great number of programs with a quality close to that of bigger broadcasters at a fraction of the cost. This is also a key issue as the channel depends on donations to finance their work, meaning the budgets are extremely tight at any time, but InfinitySet Lite is flexible enough to match their evolving goals offering more possibilities as their budget grows and the channel evolves. One of the most relevant features of InfinitySet Lite for Advedia Vision is the integrated chroma keyer, which allows having a full virtual set in a box, especially when adding the 2D character generator and the Mixer mode which also enhances its production capabilities. Also, the 3D virtual set creation and editing possibilities built in InfinitySet Lite are essential to create virtual sets in a fast and easy manner. Advedia Vision is currently using InfinitySet Lite to produce religious, Christian programs. Most of them involve just one or just a few persons in the set talking and explaining religious topics, and InfinitySet Lite is capable of assigning a given style and personalize the programs, no matter if they are edutainment or infotainment. In essence, helps to produce good looking and very different programs with a tight budget and a small team.

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