Crambo for Spain’s Olympic Committee

Crambo for Spain’s Olympic Committee

Crambo is official sponsor of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), and their mission is to propose technological solutions to overcome specific challenges they may encounter in their broadcast activities promoting olympic sports.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were delayed to 2021 because of the COVID pandemic, but even one year later there were still many restrictions on events in public spaces due to the on-going pandemic, and the organization still did not allow public access to the Olympic areas.

During the event, the COE wanted to maintain the contact of the athletes in Tokyo with the rest of the people in Spain: family, friends, and the press, especially when medals were won. To achieve this, Crambo thought on Edison PRO to solvethe problem of distance with athletes in Tokyo. Edison allows to take people from different physical locations and gather them on the same virtual set, so the idea seemed perfectly suited for this project and Crambo decided to carry it out.

To know more about this project, please download the Case Study.

  • Client:Crambo
  • Date:Aug, 2021
  • Tags:Presentations, Virtual events, Virtual sets

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