Nochevieja en TVE

Nochevieja en TVE

TVE, público virtual en tiempos de distanciamiento social

Brainstorm was key to assisting RTVE to resolve the main problem that threatened the broadcasting of their ‘Twelve Chimes to welcome in the New Year’ program. With pandemic restrictions forbidding the large gathering typically congregating in the Puerta del Sol on New Year’s Eve, technology allowed the celebrations to go ahead for the enjoyment and entertainment of those virtually present as well as the large number of viewers who tuned in. So, with the help of Brainstorm, Spain’s public broadcaster provided viewers with a “live” broadcast that brought «magic» to their screens, by filling the Puerta del Sol with virtual revellers and personalities.

Pese a cumplir de forma estricta las medidas sanitarias y de seguridad, Ana Obregón y Anne Igartiburu estuvieron muy acompañadas durante este especial de RTVE, que gracias a la innovación tecnológica hizo posible una celebración más parecida a la habitual. Gracias al algoritmo de Brainstorm, se consiguió integrar 150 señales de video del público que llegaban desde tres fuentes distintas, creando una interesante experiencia de realidad aumentada.

According to Enrique Cotillas, Deputy Director of Infographics and Graphics at TVE and director of the project, «it was a challenge for TVE to include our audience in a Puerta del Sol that would be empty this New Year’s Eve. To do this we asked our viewers to send us their images to be included in a virtual way in camera and crane movements in an empty space. The challenge was ambitious from a technical and logistical point of view for the Image Management and the technical team of TVE, but thanks to Brainstorm, who did the tracking and integration, allowing us to fill the Puerta del Sol with people as if it were a big meeting by videoconference, and Shots, who helped us in the creative part following the work of the Christmas campaign that they did for us before, the result was magnificent”.

Para saber más sobre este proyecto, descargue el case study.

  • Client:RTVE
  • Tags:augmented reality, virtual production, live production
  • Project Type:Entertainment show

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