6G-BRICKS: Pioneering the Next Frontier of the Metaverse

Brainstorm, a company specializing in real-time 3D graphics, virtual sets, and augmented reality solutions, and the Industrial Systems Institute (ISI), a leading R&D institute of excellence conducting basic research and exploratory development on Information and communications technology (ICT) for the Greek and European industry, are thrilled to unveil their latest innovation: the 6G-BRICKS Project. In an era where digital transformation is reshaping every aspect of our lives, this pioneering initiative marks a significant leap forward in the integration of advanced technologies and the Metaverse, offering unprecedented opportunities for creativity, connectivity, and collaboration.

A New Era of Digital Interaction

At its core, 6G-BRICKS is designed to redefine the boundaries of digital interaction. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this project paves the way for users to immerse themselves in a fully-realized digital universe – the Metaverse. Whether for entertainment, education, or enterprise, 6G-BRICKS offers a versatile platform that transcends traditional digital experiences.

Metaverse Applications: A Glimpse into the Future

The Metaverse applications of 6G-BRICKS showcase a revolutionary approach to virtual worlds”, reports Andrea Castelli, from Brainstorm Multimedia. “With a focus on high-fidelity graphics, seamless user interactions, and scalable environments, these applications are designed to cater to a wide range of use cases. From virtual real estate and digital marketplaces to interactive learning environments and beyond, 6G-BRICKS is set to transform how we connect, learn, and engage in the digital realm.

Key features of our Metaverse applications include:

– Next-Gen immersive based broadcast content: Offering a new dimension of content through an example of future immersive debates, showing the potential of Metaverse interactions for next massive media productions.

– Virtual Collaboration Spaces: Empowering teams to collaborate in dynamic and interactive 3D environments that foster creativity and innovation supported by holographic telecommunications.»

Architectural Innovation: Building the Foundation of the Metaverse

Christos Verikoukis, from Industrial Systems Institute, and the 6GB-BRICKS project coordinator, comments the following about the provided technical solutions:

«The architecture of 6G-BRICKS, introduces a novel design centered around Intent Driven Autonomous Networks (IDAN), disaggregated management planes, and breakthrough 6G technologies such as Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) and Cell-Free networking. This architecture promises an agile, evolvable platform supporting a wide range of applications from digital twinning to ultra-reliable low-latency communications. Moreover, the architecture of the 6G-BRICKS project, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our architecture is built on a robust, scalable framework that ensures a seamless and responsive user experience. By incorporating advanced technologies such as blockchain for secure transactions, AI for dynamic content generation, and cloud computing for scalability, we are setting new standards in Metaverse development. Highlights of our architecture include:

– Scalable Infrastructure: Designed to support millions of users simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and lag-free experience.

– Security and Privacy: Implementing cutting-edge security measures to protect user data and transactions within the Metaverse.

– Interoperability: Facilitating a seamless integration with existing digital platforms and services, allowing for a unified and comprehensive digital ecosystem.”


With the launch of the 6G-BRICKS project, Project consortium is not just envisioning the future of digital interaction – they are creating it. As they embark on this exciting journey, they invite partners, creators, and users to join them in exploring the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse. Together, they will build new worlds, foster communities, and redefine what it means to connect in the digital age.

6G-BRICKS project has received funding from the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grand Agreement No 101096954. The progress and the results obtained can be followed on https://6g-bricks.eu as well as on the project’s social networks.

About ISI

I.S.I. is a non-profit research institute with a goal to improve the national economy and public welfare. I.S.I. encourages research that achieves excellence in science and technology, that supports education and social training, that influences public policy, that benefits society and the environment, that helps companies to be better managed or create new products and that increases employment contributing to economic development.

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