Brainstorm presenta Aston2D en NAB Show

Madrid, January 23, 2019. Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, announces the introduction of Aston 2D, further expanding the capabilities and reach of the Aston family of products. Aston is highly considered worldwide for its vast feature set that boosts designers’ creativity, and this new member of the Aston range brings the power of Brainstorm’s eStudio render engine and the heritage of the Aston brand to more specific requirements.

Broadcast design is a very dynamic area, where looks and trends change constantly, and designers compete to better impact audiences by creating more attractive content. Delivering advanced tools which allow designers to unleash their creativity is the core of the Aston concept, and we reinforce this by providing the right tools for each job. When the most sophisticated tools for 3D graphics are required, Aston provides them all; but for applications which do not require such advanced 3D features, or for designers used to 2D environments, Aston2D is the right choice. Aston2D is dedicated to cover the designers’ needs when 3D objects are not necessary, simplifying the design process and graphics production where just 2D objects and environments are required.

Aston 2D does not reduce Aston’s versatility and functionality but provides all the power and capabilities of the Aston but in a two-dimensional world, and in a much more affordable format. With Aston2D, designers have access to all the power of Aston’s creation and animation toolset, delivering advanced object creation, template management and StormLogic, but excluding specific 3D tools such as lights, extrusion or 3D object properties. This simplifies and speeds up 2D graphics creation.

All the potential of the Aston toolset is embedded in Aston2D, including SmartTemplates and StormLogic, allowing for modular graphics creation and intuitive, advanced animation. SmartTemplates allow for the building of graphics with unlimited animations, and as complex as required, which can be triggered at any time. StormLogic defines the animation logic and hierarchy between the templates, facilitating the construction of complex animations and interactions between elements with no need for scripting or complicated animation matrixes.

According to Thierry Gonzalo, Brainstorm’s Product Manager, “Aston2D is the perfect tool when advanced 3D objects and environments are not required. Often, broadcast design requires bi-dimensional graphics, but including advanced CG, templating and complex animations, which are perfectly covered with Aston’s SmartTemplates and StormLogic, featuring easy-to-manage but advanced animations, with or without scripting.”

Aston2D also fits seamlessly into collaborative environments, allowing for faster, integrated creation and management of complex graphics projects. Aston2D graphics are fully compatible with any Aston project and can also be included in InfinitySet virtual set and augmented reality content, further enhancing its possibilities and versatility.

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