Brainstorm sobre la respuesta al Coronavirus

Despite the logical concerns on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and the effects it is having on the broadcast and media industry, at Brainstorm we are committed to preserving the health and well-being of our staff and shareholders, while continuing to support our customers and responding to market requirements. We will surely overcome this situation, but in the meantime we want to ensure that our resellers, customers, partners and users are fully attended to and business remains as fluid as possible.

Brainstorm has taken the necessary steps to ensure that our staff worldwide can work remotely to prevent contamination, so customer support, development and commercial activities will not be affected by the situation derived from any restrictions that might be taken due to the pandemic.

Communications via web, email, phone or social media will be active as usual, and our staff will be available 100% to manage any queries. We will, of course, reinforce our online channels and activities, so that users, customers and new enquiries can be attended to as they deserve, with increased online demonstrations, webinars and product information.

Last but not least, we are working with industry organizations such as the NAB, IBC, IABM and many others, as well as with our industry partners, resellers and specialized media to continue to manage current activities and adapt our communication and related strategies to guarantee the continued effectiveness of our future activities to the benefit of all those we work with.

Ricardo Montesa, Director y fundador de Brainstorm.

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