MMTV India adopts Brainstorm solutions to drive its broadcasting operations

MMTV has selected Brainstorm, a leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions since 1993,to equip their Kochi studios and upgrade their virtual production for Manorama News TV. MMTV, one of India’s largest media houses, started operations in 2006 and has since garnered numerous prestigious awards that underscore their commitment to journalistic integrity and innovative storytelling. Now, to continue standing as an icon of journalistic excellence in India, they have selected Brainstorm solutions for their broadcasting operations. This installation is transforming MMTV’s broadcasting capabilities and enhancing viewer experience.

At the heart of the installation there are three InfinitySet workstations with Unreal Engine. InfinitySet is an advanced virtual production, XR, and augmented reality solution, that acts like a hub for a number of technologies. Each InfinitySet acts as a render machine to a studio camera with tracking.

Next to the InfinitySet render machines there is a design room with another two InfinitySet workstations to operate and manage all the VR production, and two Aston licenses, a 2D/3D motion graphics creation, CG and playout solution, to create AR templates. Any of the graphics created on Aston can be connected to a database and receive up-to-date data to ease real-time production. All these are controlled by OnDemand, a flexible yet powerful solution that allows the playout and immediate broadcast of all Aston Templates, players, and InfinitySet renders.

Brainstorm’s cutting-edge solutions are transforming MMTV’s broadcasting capabilities, and the smooth integration into their infrastructure demonstrates the perfect synergy between the Brainstorm solutions and the MMTV needs.

Rahul Singh, Brainstorm sales engineer in the Indian sub-continent, explains:

“The smooth integration of our software into MMTV’s broadcasting infrastructure highlights the effectiveness of Brainstorm’s technology in most workflows. Our support and expertise were able to provide MMTV with a fluid transition, enabling them to focus on creativity rather than technical challenges. We’re excited to continue our journey with MMTV, bringing innovation and excellence to the broadcasting industry in India.”

Brainstorm’s installation included on-site training for all MMTV staff, who were extensively coached in just over two weeks. Thanks to Brainstorm’s local support and expert team, MMTV staff have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage the full potential of the solutions acquired.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr Appu E. N., Chief General Manager of MMTV, stated:

«We are excited we’ve just begun using Brainstorm software at MMTV. Brainstorm’s ability to provide us with local support has been very valuable to us, ensuring prompt assistance when needed. Their easy-to-use interfaces have made the two-week training very complete. We are particularly pleased with Brainstorm’s integration with Unreal Engine, offering us limitless creative possibilities. With Brainstorm’s software, we look forward to keep delivering compelling content to our audience.”

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