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Extensive library

Brainstorm products are fully customizable in a variety of ways. Using Brainstorm extensive library of plugins it is possible to complement the vast feature set of our products with additional tools, from Excel, Maya, 3D Max or Photoshop importers to MIDI interfaces, camera callibration modules and many more.

Our After Effects Tracking Exporter application allows users to efficiently get tracking data into video files in order to make use of Augmented Reality or Brainstorm’s TeleTransporter.

In addition to that, Brainstorm’s products have the 3D Importer module, which significantly increases the compatibility of the company’s products with most of the common, new and open 3D file formats such as Collada or Blender 3D, among many others.

Brainstorm’s plugins allow users to integrate our products with their workflow.


  • Extensive library of plugins
  • Available for different products
  • Expands product functionality
  • Import/export of files and formats
  • Access to external databases
  • External control applications