MIG – Streaming virtual events

MIG – Streaming virtual events

With remote production, installations and training, Brainstorm and MIG show how business benefits from innovative thinking

Over the past 20 years, MIG has hosted on-site live streaming events for many global Fortune 100 companies and recently pivoted to virtual live streaming events using InfinitySet for many of their clients. To provide the highest quality standards for their customers, MIG relies on a virtual production system configuration comprised of a turnkey InfinitySet +Track with Unreal Engine solution running on an HP Z4 workstation, and a camera tracked jib with Stype RedSpy, and an Ultimatte 12 chromakeyer. MIG also uses additional cameras locked off for virtual camera movements, and all cameras are controlled and rendered on a single workstation. Now, a second phase of the installation includes a second InfinitySet workstation that can travel for the ability to take the system on the road and produce these virtual sets and productions on location. MIG also offers this service as a rental to companies looking to bring their gear and talent so they can produce these types of evens at the company’s location. They can create the whole experience and combine their creative teams that have experience working with live events and virtual sets.

To cope with the current worldwide limitations for traveling and mobility, Brainstorm provided MIG with remote installation and training, which proved tremendously successful. Even with the demanding requirements a tracking system has, the InfinitySet +Track with Unreal Engine solution was installed and calibrated remotely by Brainstorm engineers. The training was also provided remotely by a Brainstorm application specialist based in the company’s US headquarters in New York. Within 5 days of delivery, MIG’s staff were fully operational, and broadcasting live virtual productions on their own.

Because of the powerful features and ease of use of InfinitySet, MIG has provided service to dozens of their clients since day one of the installation, producing complex events like live tele-transportations of presenters, shot live in different cities and placing them together in the virtual studio, simultaneously. With a system that provides no noticeable lag-time, MIG was even able to bring in live interviews onto a huge video wall by using standard streaming and teleconference applications.

To learn more about this project, please download the Case Study.

  • Client:MIG
  • Date:May, 2020
  • Tags:Augmented Reality, Presentations, Virtual Sets
  • Project Type:Virtual events

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