MediaFuel – Thursday Pools

MediaFuel – Thursday Pools

Media Fuel for Thursday Pools – A tropical island in winter time for a dealer conference

MediaFuel is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency that helps customers in a variety of ways, now using virtual technology taking advantage of their large installations featuring a 30×60 ft (9×18 meters) green screen. Because of their experience in virtual events, seminars and broadcasts, they provide a unique service to all kinds of customers.

One of these customers is Thursday Pools, a custom fiber glass pool manufacturer in the greater Indianapolis area. They hold a dealer conference every year, but in 2020, due to COVID, it got cancelled. When MediaFuel was told, they started to figure out alternatives, and proposed to put together a virtual event for this conference.

MediaFuel proposed to broadcast the event from a tropical island, and within six weeks they managed to create a virtual set of an island adding in the island, the palm trees, the waves, some tiki furniture, and other props, along with some interactive supporting graphics.

The setup consisted in two different virtual sets, one for each of the two sections the event consisted on, along with additional video content, lots of graphics throughout the course of the whole program.

MediaFuel used a two-camera setup with a TrackFree InfinitySet to control the whole workflow and deliver the final content, in a mixed SDI and NDI environment.

By using virtual production, Thursday Pools were able to hold the annual dealer conference as usual, while adding a twist that not only was welcome by all parties but also created a great event. This virtual event allowed the company to bridge the social distancing gap and avoid travel restrictions to re-connect with their audiences when the human necessity to feel connected became essential.

To know more about this project, please download the Case Study.

  • Client:MediaFuel
  • Date:Sept, 2021
  • Tags:Presentations, Virtual events, Virtual sets

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