Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Ten years of entertainment with eStudio

“Wheel of Fortune” was created in 1973 by Merv Griffin, responsible of many other successful TV formats such as Jeopardy, was firstly broadcasted in 1975 by the NBC. The show is still produced today by Sony Pictures Television and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Wheel of Fortune is the TV contest with the longest duration in the US television history, and reached the 5.000 programmes in 2009.

The format has been licensed and adapted in more than 30 countries. With different presenters and originally named “La Ruleta de la Fortuna”, the show had its great first period in Antena 3 TV, a second one in Telecinco and a third round back in Antena 3 TV since 2006, changing its name to “La Ruleta de la Suerte”. Since then the production company, Martingala, owner of the “Wheel of Fortune rights” for Spain, started the challenge of improving the contest adapting it to the latest technology. At that time the physical panel changed to a fully virtual one created with eStudio.

The title of the program is a reference of the giant roulette with different options that the players spin all over the game to uncover boxes from an enlightened panel, a word puzzle, to uncover the hidden words or sentences. The panel originally consisted on turntable elements that illuminated and turned to display the letters they contained as required, but step by step started to incorporate virtual and digital technology to flexibilize its options and give the game further possibilities.

To know more about this project, please download the case study or download the case study in Spanish

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