Brainstorm is closing the social distancing gap

Brainstorm is currently hosting a Virtual Week online with great success. With webinars focused on its products and solutions, as well as several daily virtual production demonstrations streamed live on the company’s YouTube channel three times a day, Brainstorm is virtually closing the social distancing gap that the current coronavirus global crisis has caused between many companies and their potential customers and audiences.

The Brainstorm staff are able to produce photorealistic virtual production with two presenters located in their own homes in different cities miles away from each other, and using a simple yet powerful state-of-the-art virtual production system consisting only of an InfinitySet, Brainstorm’s all-in-one virtual set and real-time 3D graphics solution, with Unreal Engine and a consumer camera. The InfinitySet system which is located in the home of one of the presenters, receives the signal from the other presenter, captured using a smartphone’s front camera, and combines both presenter’s signals using its internal chroma keyer, and seamlessly integrates them in a photorealistic virtual set. The result is a dynamic show that demonstrates InfinitySet’s ability to integrate different technologies and produce excellent results no matter the limited resources available. Even creating photorealistic virtual productions and showcasing complex events like live tele-transportations of presenters, placing them together in the virtual studio simultaneously and with no noticeable time lag.

In this way, Brainstorm exemplifies and demonstrates to its clients and potential customers how easy and viable it is for broadcasters and production companies to maintain, or even increase, their high standards of content creation and storytelling not only under normal conditions but also when travel restrictions and social distancing apply.

“We’ve done daily presentations from home, using smartphones and standard cameras to provide the signal to InfinitySet, which proves that content creation cannot be stopped by social distancing. Our technology can provide photorealistic backgrounds with Unreal Engine, virtual camera movements and a complete live production, even capable of tele-transporting talents to remote locations, all in real-time over the internet”, said Ricardo Montesa, founder and CEO of Brainstorm.

Also, in order to allow new customers to start operations as quickly as possible, Brainstorm can provide remote installation and training which has proven very effective. Within just a few days from delivery, customers are able to broadcast live virtual productions by themselves due to the efficiency of Brainstorm’s remote services and the ease of use of the company’s solutions.

To see how Brainstorm staff and solutions are helping customers around the world to close the social distance gap in a virtual way, there’s still time to watch the live sessions on Brainstorm’s YouTube channel

Check out the schedule of the daily live sessions and webinars going on this week until Friday, April 24th at



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