Brainstorm partners with MRMC to increase its portfolio of certified robotics and tracking systems.

Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, announces the certification of MRMC (Mark Roberts Motion Control) robotic solutions to work with InfinitySet and other Brainstorm products. This certification is coupled with the collaboration of both companies at IBC, showcasing InfinitySet at the heart of MRMC’s stand (11.C26), powering the Studiobot XL to provide the virtual reality content, and extends this collaboration at MRMC’s main facilities in Surrey, UK, for Virtual Production/XR, Augmented Reality and other content creation applications.

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon Group company, is on the front line of imaging innovation and is the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge solutions for motion control, automation, broadcast robotics, remote image capture and virtual and volumetric content production. They design, manufacture, and assemble robotic rigs, pan-tilt and multi-axis robotic heads and tracking technologies. MRMC’s robotic and software solutions are used all over the world by film studios, sports broadcasters, football leagues and more. 

According to David Alexander, Brainstorm’s commercial director, “The collaboration with Mark Roberts Motion Control proves that InfinitySet is, not only one of the most advanced, but also a perfect solution for high-end virtual content creation. InfinitySet and MRMC’s robotics are a winning combination for any kind of virtual production requirements in broadcast and film.”

«MRMC are excited to be working with Brainstorm and their InfinitySet solution for the first time at IBC this year.” says Daniel Brooks, head of marketing at MRMC. “The virtual studio environments they have created for our activation will help us create a truly immersive and engaging experience for our guests. The IBC stand set design has been crafted to demonstrate how MRMC’s robotics such as the Studiobot XL integrate with virtual graphics systems like InfinitySet, specifically illustrating key controls such as mapping positional data and aligning camera perspectives. This will allow attendees to explore this cutting-edge technology that is transforming studio operations across the world».

Brainstorm has always been proud of supporting virtually any tracking system, which allows its clients to design the most suitable workflow for its requirements and budget, and supporting MRMC’s technology will certainly help clients to improve their content creation and storytelling by using the most advanced virtual production. 

Brainstorm believes that having a wide range of tracking choices is paramount for its clients, as separating the camera tracking from the virtual production solution allows for creating more flexible and powerful installations. The company is constantly working with camera tracking manufacturers to increase its portfolio of certified tracking systems while ensuring that all the new features they may include are updated in its virtual production, XR, AR and 3D graphics solutions. At IBC Brainstorm also announces the certification of additional camera tracking systems such as OptiTrack, EZ Track, ViveMars and Re-Tracking, that add to the company’s already extensive portfolio of supported tracking hardware.

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