Brainstorm partners with XD motion for Virtual Production

Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, announces its partnership with XD motion, company specializing in aerial and broadcasting robotic and automation technology. With a focus on innovation and quality, XD motion’s systems will be empowering the company’s virtual production demonstration. Thanks to this partnership, Brainstorm and XD motion take the possibilities of virtual production one step further, allowing for new levels of accuracy when creating virtual content, both in LED-based XR or chroma set environments.

Brainstorm’s main demonstration at NAB will showcase the endless possibilities of combining the company’s flagship Virtual Production and AR solution, InfinitySet, with two of XD motion’s innovative offerings: ARCAM 10 and ARCAM 20; an advanced robotic system designed for intricate and dynamic shots enabling virtual production, and IOBOT, a cutting-edge broadcasting automation tool that enhances operational efficiency and creative capabilities. The demonstration will showcase a mixed environment using a chroma screen and a large LED volume that combine to create a broadcast show, including talent tele-transportation, AR graphics, in-context data, and a large, interactive touch screen panel the presenter will use to control the show. The two ARCAM robotics will be synchronized so their point of view will be identical, allowing for highly realistic virtual talent integration, with accurate perspective and seamless results.

The integration of both systems combines a FreeD protocol for the tracking data with the possibility to control the ARCAM directly from the InfinitySet interface thanks to XD motion’s API and the flexibility of InfinitySet to act as a hub of technologies and its full compatibility with a variety of industry protocols. This makes possible for InfinitySet to launch and stop presets, and work as an orchestrator that triggers the robotic camera parameters, along with the virtual cameras of InfinitySet. This seamless integration, developed in record time by Brainstorm and XD motion, provides new storytelling possibilities for content creators.

«We are extremely excited about this partnership with Brainstorm. said Andrew Gordon, CCO of XD motion. «It perfectly aligns with our mission to continuously push the boundaries in broadcasting technology. Being part of our Partner Network Program, it exemplifies our commitment to collaborative innovation and delivering comprehensive solutions to the industry.»

According to Héctor Viguer, Brainstorm’s COO and Engineering Director “We are delighted to partner with XD motion to showcase this integration, that opens the door for any kind of content creators to produce advanced, accurate and precise virtual content. Both companies understood immediately the benefits of providing users with this level of integration, which facilitated the success of this collaboration.”

If you are interested in high-quality virtual production, you shouldn’t miss these public demonstrations that will take place every half an hour at the Brainstorm booth SL4097 (South Hall) at NAB 2024.

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