MOOV selects Brainstorm to create virtual set, augmented reality and motion graphics content

Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics, augmented reality and virtual studio solutions, announces the agreement with MOOV, the UK’s leading sport & events graphics company, to become a preferred virtual studio solutions supplier. As a consequence of this agreement, MOOV will use Brainstorm’s InfinitySet, the virtual set and AR solution, and Aston, the motion graphics creation and playout solution, for new, advanced and exciting projects the company will develop in 2020 and beyond, which include virtual sets, augmented reality and real-time motion graphics for News and Sports content.

“Our clients have increasingly demanding requirements for graphics and virtual reality, and we found Brainstorm the perfect partner to fulfil such needs” says Nevil Appleton, Director and Co-founder of MOOV. “Along with its flexibility, reliability and clever integration of Unreal Engine, Brainstorm also has proven and robust data integration which allows us to further expand the system’s capabilities and match our requirements.”

With arguably the most advanced real-time 3D motion graphics feature set, Brainstorm’s Combined Render Engine with Unreal Engine is unique in the industry as it seamlessly combines the most advanced data-driven graphics creation with the photorealistic backgrounds rendered with Unreal Engine, all in a simplified workflow involving a single workstation. Also, the ability of Aston to render PBR materials allows for CG and motion graphics to matching the hyper-realistic results obtained with Unreal Engine, which results in a seamless integration between the different objects from different applications.

According to David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director, “Our heritage and experience of over 25 years in developing advanced real-time graphics and virtual sets applications were crucial in achieving this agreement. In essence, Brainstorm’s solutions, providing state-of-the-art, photorealistic results combining on-screen graphics and augmented reality objects in hyper-realistic virtual sets that are indistinguishable from reality, were key factors in reaching a decision to cement a long-term partnership between our two companies”.

Founded in 2000 by Duncan Foot & Nev Appleton, MOOV is a sports and events graphics company that delivers a high-quality, all-round graphics solution coupled with excellent multi-skilled operational staff. The company is recognised for its innovation and design, participating in high-profile sporting events including Wimbledon, The Grand National, Commonwealth Games, Winter and Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. MOOV provides services to UK and International broadcasters such as BBC, BT Sport ITV, and Channel 4, to name just a few.

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