UNITEL relies on Brainstorm for the coverage of Bolivia elections

Brainstorm was a key player in UNITEL’s coverage of the Bolivian general elections. The network deployed intense coverage on Sunday’s program, culminating in the real-time augmented reality graphics of the count that began to appear in the early hours of Monday 19th, consisting of hemi-cycles for senators and deputies, explanatory map and results graphics by candidates, all created from external data coming from the Electoral Committee.

UNITEL decided to carry out a technological migration in favour of Brainstorm in 2019, which culminated in the electoral process of the same year. In the 2020 Elections, InfinitySet and Aston have been key to the generation of the graphics based on real-time data and their representation in the form of augmented reality shown in interaction with the channel anchors.

«Brainstorm’s technology, with InfinitySet and Aston, allows us to inform and deliver the data in an accurate, didactic and entertaining way with virtual elements, augmented reality and on-air graphics in real time with data of the result of the surveys and the official counts of the day of the election. Once again, UNITEL is a leader in the development of election graphics with the help of Brainstorm technology. We are proud to have been able to present the information in an attractive and understandable way to our audience,» says Andrés Guerra Vergara, Director of Production and Programming at UNITEL.

According to Sergio Amuchastegui, Brainstorm’s Sales Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, «UNITEL’s process in Bolivia began in March 2019 when, after more than 10 years of using a technology that is now out of the market, the Interdisciplinary group made up of UNITEL producers, engineers and, of course, administrators, decided to give Brainstorm their trust for their stations in Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cochabamba. This pandemic has not taken us away from our clients, but on the contrary, it has brought us closer every day and we continue with projects of this level that we will soon discolse».

Despite the pandemic caused by the COVID-19, Brainstorm had the opportunity to provide online support to UNITEL’s excellent team to ensure that the latest technologies presented by the Spanish brand were used to their full potential, thus providing the best possibilities for this electoral coverage.



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