XR Tales launches virtual studio with InfinitySet amid confinement

Brainstorm has recently supplied, installed and calibrated a virtual production solution based on InfinitySet for XR Tales, an innovative production house based in Guadalajara, México. Thanks to the acquisition of the system and their workflow implementations and enhancements, XR Tales becomes the first virtual production studio of its kind in Mexico and position themselves among the audiovisual production companies of reference in Latin America.

XR Tales was formally born in 2018 as a virtual reality company specialized in on-location content production and later agreed to turn towards virtual audiovisual production. Since then they enjoy working in this field, while researching and studying the latest advances in virtual production and visiting other important production companies of this type of content, always in search of the perfect equipment to cover their high creative expectations.

On a recent visit to LA Castle, one of California’s most technologically advanced television and feature film studios, they saw how InfinitySet orchestrates a complete workflow and generates impressive commercials, talk-shows, contests and television series, motion pictures and, in short, all kinds of very attractive content that captures and retains the viewer’s attention. InfinitySet adds value to their business by enriching the content with new narrative possibilities such as virtual scenery, tele-transportation of presenters and actors and augmented reality in general, making it more interesting for the audience while considerably reducing many production costs.

Sergio Amuchastegui, Regional Sales Manager of Brainstorm based in Mexico, responded quickly to XR Tales’ request and has stressed that «the whole process has been very fast despite the restrictions caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The XR Tales technicians have had fast and effective remote assistance from the homes of our engineers in Spain for the installation, calibration and launch of the newly received system. The XR Tales operators were also trained remotely and conveniently by a Brainstorm product specialist based in Chile. In just one month after delivery, they are already achieving spectacular results!»

«Our InfinitySet works connected to several cameras -one of them with Stype tracking-, an Ultimatte 12 chroma-keyer and more state-of-the-art equipment, which has made XR Tales become the brand new studio in Latin America with proper virtual production technology, allowing us to cope with film projects and services, pre-visualisation, real-time post-production and many other applications of virtual production. In record time we have already achieved fabulous results of which we are very happy with, such as the Catrina project, as well as informative and entertainment content, such as The Comm-Unity talk-show. Right now we are using our studio for a music video series project with artists and locations in different states in Mexico that we integrate here with hyper-realistic quality thanks to InfinitySet» says with great satisfaction Adler Zamora, Technical Director of XR Tales.

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