Brainstorm shows real-time post-production at NAB

Forget about the “we’ll fix it in post” concept, as today’s real-time photorealistic rendering technology can overcome many of the typical issues producers face when going into post-production. The 25 years of experience Brainstorm has in developing real-time 3D graphics, virtual sets and augmented reality applications have now been transferred to drama and film production. At NAB, Brainstorm introduces InfinitySet 3.1, which introduces a plethora of high-end, advanced rendering features like SLI support and real-time ray tracing using NVIDIA GPUs, which, in addition to its Combined Render Engine with Unreal Engine 4.22, allow InfinitySet to create the most realistic content for virtual and mixed reality, virtual sets, real-time postproduction and film pre-visualization.

InfinitySet takes full advantage of the latest hardware developments announced by NVIDIA, such as NVIDIA RTX GPU, to deliver the best rendering quality available in the market. By using NVIDIA RTX GPUs, InfinitySet can deliver real-time ray tracing, which provides a much more accurate rendering, especially with complex light conditions. Ray tracing offers more natural, more realistic rendered images, which is essential for photorealistic content generation.

Using these technologies, along with other advanced rendering capabilities like the Combined Render Engine with Unreal Engine 4.22, PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials or HDR (High Dynamic Range), InfinitySet can create virtual content which can’t be distinguished from reality. This opens the door for content providers to use InfinitySet to create amazingly rendered backgrounds and scenes for drama or even film production, significantly reducing costs while opening new sources of revenue. For other broadcast applications such as virtual sets or augmented reality, InfinitySet provides unmatched, hyper-realistic quality both for backgrounds and graphics. Aston, Brainstorm’s 2D/3D motion graphics creation, CG and playout, also takes advantage of the PBR materials, so its compositions can be integrated seamlessly into AR environments created by InfinitySet, matching the image quality obtained with InfinitySet.

Rendering quality not only delivers an enhanced visual experience for the viewers but also represents a significant cost saving feature when using virtual scenes that can’t be distinguished from reality. And going far beyond broadcast, InfinitySet allows for using this technology to get substantial savings in the costs of filming and post-production, ensuring the adjustment of different shots (chroma, camera movements, background tracking, etc). Once everything is prepared in preview, InfinitySet can export the camera data, tracking and movement of the set to enter postproduction in the final format required, either 4K or 8K, with full quality.

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